commitment to our communities

In line with our mission and values, we strive to be a good corporate citizen by strengthening and enriching the communities in which we live and work.

Community involvement

We support our communities by making contributions to and participating in events sponsored by non-profit organizations and charities around the world. Our contributions help to support the work of non-profit organizations of all sizes in areas such as cancer research and patient support, community wellness, children in foster care, career development for women and teens, and environmental and scientific education. We have a dedicated group of employees focused on community involvement and corporate social responsibility across our offices. These employees are empowered to identify organizations and charitable events that support our local communities and engage our employees in service.

MPM Advocacy Event

Despite the challenges presented by the global COVID-19 pandemic, we found ways to give back to our communities in 2020. For example, our Charitable Contribution Review Committee approved donations to over 20 charitable and non-profit organizations. We piloted a day of service in our Haifa, Israel office which resulted in a company-wide day of service program being implemented in 2021. During our U.S. commercial team meeting in early 2020, our teams built wagons and shared messages of support and encouragement for children seeking care at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Our Malvern, PA office collaborated with Bringing Hope Home, a non-profit organization that provides financial and emotional support to local families affected by cancer. They raised funds around the holidays to buy gift cards for these families through Bringing Hope Home’s Adopt-A-Family Program.

grants and giving

We are dedicated to supporting independent organizations with shared goals related to advancing medical care and improving patient outcomes through education grants, charitable contributions, sponsorships and investigator-sponsored trials. This includes providing funding to external organizations to support requests for independent, unbiased, scientific, medical and patient activities. We consider a variety of factors when making funding decisions. Consistent with our commitment and policy to conduct business ethically, we will only fund requests for activities or initiatives that are in compliance with all applicable local, regional, state and country codes, guidelines, and laws.

2020 was the second year of a joint effort with the American Association for Cancer Research to promote and support independent investigators through research grants and career development awards. We awarded seven total grants and awards worth over $2 million. It is our hope that our career development award and grant recipients will leverage our support to secure additional funding and continue to advance the field of cancer research with the goal to make a significant impact for cancer patients.

Our Investigator Sponsored Trial program supports independent physicians, researchers and institutions interested in conducting research on our therapy in order to advance science and enhance disease understanding. We currently fund over 30 active investigator-sponsored trials across multiple solid tumor indications.

Anat Klein-Goldberg, Senior Scientist, Project Leader

Anat Klein-Goldberg, Senior Scientist, Project Leader

safe and sustainable workplaces

We are committed to providing a safe and secure work environment and maintaining environmental, health and safety policies that seek to promote the well being of our employees and patients. We provide regular health and safety training programs for employees. In addition to an overview during new hire orientation, our employees are trained on topics relevant to their jobs, including personal protective equipment (PPE), bloodborne pathogens, fire safety, ergonomics, first aid, lab safety, chemical safety and biosafety. Additionally, we have a global Safety Committee and a designated safety officer in each of our locations.

Although we lease our buildings, we utilize a variety of technology intended to increase the sustainability of our workspaces and are committed improving our sustainability practices over time. LED lighting systems, motion-activated lights, energy-efficient cooling walls and appliances, and electric vehicle charging stations are some of the technologies that we have adopted across our global facilities.

We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our operations. We follow international guidelines for the disposal of electronic waste and, where applicable, we also follow more stringent local laws and regulations. Our efforts to minimize our carbon footprint, reduce transportation and travel, and protect valuable natural resources while operating a global business include:

  • sourcing most of our packaging material locally;
  • re-using shipping boxes when possible;
  • using virtual communication and collaboration platforms and offering remote patient support to minimize travel; and,
  • re-using or repurposing, as appropriate, returned or unused equipment in accordance with relevant safety standards

For example, all of the electronic waste from our U.S. Operations Center, including scrapped equipment, unused arrays and florescent bulbs, gets recycled through a local partner that is ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certified. At our Global Operations Center, we recycle all relevant materials in accordance with our established safety, health and environmental standard operating procedure.

Alyssa Vinas, Associate Director, New Indications