Yoram Wasserman, Vice President of Innovation

commitment to employees

We are a global community of passionate, talented, and caring people working together to make a difference in cancer. We know that in order to achieve our aspirations, we must trust each other, support each other, and nurture strong relationships. Every day, we find inspiration and friendship in the community we have built.

Our core values are innovation, focus, drive, courage, trust and empathy. Our employees consistently demonstrate these values day in and day out. We are proud of the culture that has been a part of Novocure since the very beginning and believe the values modeled by our employees will help us to achieve our mission to extend survival in some of the most aggressive forms of cancer. We are committed to supporting our employees through effective engagement and communication, talent development initiatives, and wellness programs and to cultivating a diverse and inclusive work environment.

engagement and retention

We rely on the engagement of every employee to collectively drive our mission forward. To that end, we are constantly seeking feedback, ideas and input to ensure employees have the resources they need to be successful in their role and to continuously improve their overall employment experience. We conduct regular employee engagement surveys to shape how we invest in our people, strengthen our culture and ensure that every employee feels a connection and commitment to their work. We believe that open communication is key to cultivating engagement across our teams. Employees have open access to management, and the senior leadership team holds quarterly global town hall meetings to share organizational progress and foster an open dialogue with employees about the future direction of the company.

We seek to attract and retain employees through competitive compensation and benefits packages, including an onboarding equity grant for all employees and a broad-based annual equity award program. Additionally, we offer opportunities to acquire more shares through our employee share purchase program. Our values-driven environment promotes a “culture of commitment” that recognizes those going above and beyond to be patient forward in all that they do.


employee engagement score at Novocure 1

9% 2

rolling 12-month turnover rate vs. industry average of nearly 16% 3



1. based on 2021 employee survey with an 88% response rate conducted by an independent third party
2. at 12/31/2020
3. based on the Radford U.S. Life Sciences Trends Report for Q4 2020

learning and development

At Novocure, we dream big. Every day is an opportunity to apply knowledge, advance skills and grow personally and professionally. With the support of colleagues who value and respect each other and the guidance of leaders who truly are. We are inspired to be the best versions of ourselves. We enjoy the growth that has come with Novocure’s success.

We are committed to supporting the development of all of our employees. To that end, we have created NovoLEAD (Learn, Experience, Adopt & Develop) programs for all stages of employee development. These programs address multiple stages of development, including initiatives tailored to those new to Novocure or to their role, those developing in their role, and those preparing for their next role. Recognizing the importance of varied learning styles, we offer classroom-based, virtual, experiential and mentoring/coaching training programs to support the professional development of our employee base. In addition to our internal development efforts, we offer tuition reimbursement for eligible employees seeking to further their education.

diversity, equity and inclusion

As a global, multi-cultural company, we strive to maintain a diverse and equitable workplace that respects the dignity and worth of every individual and allows them the freedom and opportunity to fulfill their potential. In a recent employee survey 1, 91% of employees who responded said that all employees at Novocure are treated as individuals regardless of their age, race, gender, physical capabilities, sexual orientation, gender expressions, religion, etc. 87% also said that we have created an environment where people with diverse backgrounds can succeed. We’re proud of our success and believe we can do more.

1. based on 2021 employee survey with an 88% response rate conducted by an independent third party

within our workforce


nationalities represented


languages spoken

A diverse Board and executive management team who self-identify as follows:

2  Women

2  Asians

1  American Indian or Alaskan Native


1  woman

1  asian

1  Hispanic or Latino

1  American Indian or Alaskan Native

Included on our 9 member executive team

Libbie Bridge, Senior Director, Strategic Capabilities

We are focused on hiring more diverse talent at all levels of the organization and on fostering an inclusive culture where all employees can thrive. We are making intentional efforts to hire diversely across race, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, veteran status, physical capabilities, gender expression and more.

As part of our diversity, equity and inclusion efforts in 2021, we are committed to attracting, hiring and onboarding diverse talent. We work with partners who can provide expanded access to diverse talent pools as our organization continues to grow. We include the optional addition of pronouns in our corporate signature template, and we are focused on increasing organizational fluency in diversity and inclusion topics as part of our professional and leadership development initiatives. We believe these efforts will support an environment where employees encourage, understand, and value differences and empower one another to engage in equitable practices.

employee wellness

Now, more than ever, we are working to support our employees’ mental, physical and emotional wellness. We are committed to helping our employees prioritize a healthy work-life balance. Our dedicated Wellness Committee oversees multiple programs in support of this commitment, including gym and fitness reimbursement, healthy lifestyle challenges and other wellness incentives. Additionally, we offer an Employee Assistance Program that provides access to a variety of support services, including confidential mental, emotional and professional assistance. We also offer flexible and remote work arrangements to enable our employees to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

In a recent employee survey, 91% of employees who responded said that all employees at Novocure are treated as individuals regardless of their age, race, gender, physical capabilities, sexual orientation, gender expressions, religion, etc.

Syed Ali, Supervisor, Relationship Coordination